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New inSuit improvements and updates in 2022

As we like to do on a regular basis, we have implemented significant improvements and updates in order to scale up our web accessibility solution and bring it to another level of accessible usability and regulatory compliance.

Constant evolution is essential if we want to improve web accessibility and end user experience every day. This will also ensure compliance with the various new legal regulations and web accessibility guidelines such as the WCAG, for example, which are constantly emerging and undergoing changes.

These improvements and updates have been carried out by our team of web accessibility and usability experts after studying the results of the periodic testing of the inSuit tool. Participating in these tests were people with disabilities from our partner associations that work to bridge the digital gap.

The best way to see how inSuit works is by asking real users of the tool, as they are able to detect, in practice, any browsing needs and improvement opportunities.

A value proposition that distinguishes us from the rest when it comes to offering a web accessibility solution that is adapted to our users’ different needs and preferences. Our main objective is to cover all possible disabilities and to focus on offering complete web accessibility that will ensure total access to digital information for everyone.

Another important aspect in this regard is that all tool updates are made available and applied automatically from the cloud, without the need for web owners or users to carry out any further tasks or adaptations. This also includes notable service improvements, which are adapted to the latest legal changes and requirements.

Learn all about what’s new in inSuit and its accessibility updates in 2022

As part of our commitment to our values and quality standards, we would like to share with our readers our list of inSuit improvements and updates in 2022.

New form viewer with magnification.
Screenshot of the inSuit interface showing a video and its playback controls displayed in the inSuit bar.
Enlarged image of the accessible playback controls provided by inSuit.

If you still do not have a tool that will help you fulfil all existing web accessibility regulatory requirements and offer full access to everyone, we’d like to offer you a free, no obligation demo of inSuit so that you can see all that it has to offer.

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