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Why is inSuit AA the best web accessibility certification for regulatory compliance?

(6/10/23): We have updated the content of the article due to the release of WCAG 2.2.

A website bearing inSuit’s AA web accessibility certificate is the best way to certify your website complies with the latest regulations ensuring web accessibility for everyone.

At inSuit, we have focused on strengthening different areas of research and development in web accessibility technology, in order to offer an accessible, simple and high-quality solution .

We are always thinking of the customer! We have worked hard to ensure that our inSuit AA certification is the easiest-to-obtain web accessibility certificate on the market. Our team of expert consultants uses especially designed tools to speed up the process, providing excellent customer support and comprehensive follow -up throughout.

We focus on ensuring that the websites that pass our certification process comply with the guidelines and associated success criteria of the WCAG 2.2,  taking into account the conformance requirements indicated for level AA.

inSuit boasts the highest level and simplest AA-level web accessibility certification programme

InSuit’s AA accessibility certification programme certifies that your website meets all the requirements of the guidelines set forth by the WCAG 2.2 international standard at its AA level.

To obtain this certificate, we have developed an auditing process performed by experts in accessibility and usability. This process is designed to detect and help resolve web accessibility errors following the guidelines established by the W3C. We resolve these errors by working closely with the customer, providing them with support and advice from our team of expert consultants. This team will rigorously monitor these tasks as part of the error correction process.

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This is a fundamental part of certifying and guaranteeing compliance with current web accessibility regulations, which are in keeping with the following standards:

It should be noted that these guidelines are equivalent to the European technical standard known as the EN 301549-2021 v.3.2.1 or UNE-EN 301549:2022 (its Spanish version)

But the advantage of certified websites does not lie solely in legal compliance with imposed regulations. They also have a positive impact on society because they help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Your website will comply with international regulations thanks to inSuit’s AA certification

Anything that technology can help us with is useful if we want to achieve these sustainable goals. This is because technology offers many benefits in terms of productivity and social development.

Therefore, web accessibility becomes of vital importance to ensure that as many people as possible, regardless of their condition, will benefit from the digital world.

This is backed by a series of web accessibility standards and regulations that you will meet if you obtain inSuit’s AA certification. Some of these are:


In Europe:

In Spain:

Show the world that you hold the inSuit AA certification

Be socially responsible! Show off the following accreditations and set yourself apart as an agent of change contributing to social transformation through universal accessibility.

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Once you have earned inSuit’s AA certification, you will have:

There is no time like the present! Join the era of accessibility with inSuit’s AA web accessibility certification —the simplest on the market—and give your online presence the prestige, accessibility guarantees and credibility it deserves.