inSuit, your web accessibility solution

Digital accessibility platform with technical aids as a service.

 360 services implemented by digital accessibility experts.

 Completely managed by us, without any additional costs to the client.

 Compliance with all legal obligations and the international standards of the WCAG.

 All your digital assets accessible by everyone.

60,000,000 + annual users
Winners of the Reina Letizia Award for Accessibility Technology
Technical aids for every need
Conformance to WCAG standards and guidelines
Price adapted to your needs

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    How does it work?

    inSuit Tools® transforms your web page in real time thanks to its powerful engine, whose rules have been tailored to your website by our web accessibility experts in accordance with WCAG criteria and techniques whilst providing various cloud-based technical aids to ensure accessible navigation.

    inSuit Tools® does not require any changes to be made to your web page.

    A simple code is added to the beginning of the web page and our technicians will take care of the rest. An accessible web page without using your internal resources.

    Once installed, users can easily activate the accessible navigation tools, using a tab enabled for this purpose or a link.

    inSuit Tools® offers a number of tools, each one suited to a different user need (keyboard-based control, speech, page reading, etc.).

    inSuit Tools® is a cloud-based service which will incorporate accessibility enhancements and navigation tools (technical aids) into your web page, based on the rules that were tailor-made by our experts´ team, ensuring maximum compliance, all the time.

    Through our services inSuit 360® and the platform inSuit Compliance®, we cover all the requirements and obligations set in the accessibility legislation, giving peace and tranquillity to you and your team.

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