inSuit 360®: attain full accessibility for your website and mobile applications

What does the inSuit 360® services consist of?

Both at the European level, under Directive (EU) 2016/2102, and locally, with its transposition into each member country’s specific regulations, digital accessibility of public and many private sector websites and mobile applications must be guaranteed.

inSuit has developed a series of 360-degree services, which its accessibility platform and SIA® (Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service), will help you to meet web accessibility regulations and ensure that people with disabilities are able to access the content of your website and apps.

With inSuit 360® you will comply with web accessibility regulations quickly, securely, and easily.

What services does inSuit 360® include?

An in-depth evaluation of your organisation’s portals according to official methods.

The pertinent report in the format required by the government authority.

All of this at no internal cost to the customer – we do all the work.


Periodic accessibility reports that will be sent to your organisation.

Support for the department in charge of web accessibility.

An accessibility statement that we prepare and keep up to date.

Web accessibility awareness and training actions required by the regulations.

We will handle any web accessibility incidents with users.

Ongoing support to ensure continuous improvement of web accessibility.

All this and much more in the shortest time possible and at a cost that best suits your organisation.

With inSuit 360® you will exceed regulatory compliance, offering real accessibility for everyone.

What is the Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service (SIA®)?

We have developed a SIA® (Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service) to run in conjunction with our inSuit 360® services, that will enable compliance with web accessibility regulations and ensure that people with disabilities are able to access the content of your website and apps. 

This modular approach is a rapid and simple solution for your institution or company, as it is executed in three different phases, and applicable to both public and private sectors.

Circular and cyclical diagram of the SIA, showing each of its three phases.
The SIA® is carried out through three phases that are executed in a cyclical manner (click on the image to enlarge).

PHASE 1: Initial consultation on digital accessibility and legal alignment

Consulting, advice, manual auditing, report preparation, training, and incident management.

PHASE 2: Continuous improvement of digital accessibility

Accessibility plan, monitoring, error resolution, accessible navigation tool, improvement of accessibility rating score.

PHASE 3: Level AA Certification

Consulting, preliminary audits, and WCAG 2.2 level AA certification with a 2-year validity.

Do you want to know more about each phase of the SIA®?

With inSuit 360® you will comply with web accessibility regulations quickly, securely, and easily.

What distinguishes inSuit's 360 services from other web accessibility products and services?

inSuit 360® is a global solution packaged into a single service that encompasses functionalities, technologies, and services that are impossible to find in other general accessibility options such as widgets or automatic scanners.

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Do you need to meet web accessibility regulations?

Thanks to inSuit 360® services, you will fully comply with digital accessibility regulations – quickly, securely, and easily.