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Why is inSuit 360 more complete than other web accessibility services and products?

(6/10/23): We have updated the content of the article due to the release of WCAG 2.2.

When talking about inSuit’s web accessibility solution, we are actually referring to an entire set of solutions that encompass the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the EN 301549 European standard for digital accessibility and the Directive (EU) 2016/2102, as well as compliance with all other international standards.

We bring together technology, processes, people, and legal experience in order to offer real web accessibility, sustained over time.

This has positioned inSuit’s web accessibility service as one of the most comprehensive and well-known solutions on the market.

Guaranteeing quality and access to the web for everyone and anyone, whilst removing barriers, no matter what their need.

To achieve this, inSuit provides a web accessibility service that includes usability options and resources for both end users and web owners.

inSuit offers the most comprehensive package of 360 web accessibility services

These are the highlights of the services and solutions offered by our team of web accessibility and usability experts:

Automated scanning: These are web and/or mobile applications which detect web accessibility errors in the source code.

Human technical testing: This comprises manual digital accessibility tests and checks. These are performed by a team of accessibility and usability experts to detect all possible errors. This acts as a complement to the automated scanning task, which on its own is unable to identify all existing errors. Automated scanning can locate around 30% of all accessibility errors, while the remaining 70% need to be detected manually by experts in web accessibility requirements.

Human functional testing: This ensures the website and/or mobile applications function properly. Such testing is performed by people with disabilities from partner associations.

This enables us to also implement system improvements while putting people’s needs first. This represents a significant plus if we want to guarantee the elimination of all barriers.

Mobile application testing: These are technical and functional tests performed by humans, with the focus on mobile apps.

Remediation support: We provide support and consultancy services to help our customers resolve detected web accessibility issues.

Remediation: This refers to the solution given to detected web accessibility errors. This task is performed manually by our team of digital accessibility experts who execute our inSuit tool, making changes to websites in real time and thus resolving the vast majority of issues identified during the audit, without the web owner needing to make changes in the original code.

Technical aids for accessible navigation: This refers to the available interfaces adapted to the different user disabilities. This also includes the inSuit Senior® interface for elderly users. These interfaces ensure web accessibility that is real and perceived as such by users with disabilities.

Training and education: inSuit’s accessibility service includes training and education on web accessibility, fully aligned with training stipulated in Royal Decree 1112/2018.

Legal support: We provide legal support that helps each customer comply with the requirements of current standards and their updates in their country in order to ensure continued compliance whenever changes are made to such standards. For instance, this service includes the preparation of mandatory reports based on the standard, identification of required web content, guidelines to bear in mind when designing a new website, etc.

Digital accessibility plan: Following our Comprehensive Digital Accessibility Service (S.I.A. in its Spanish acronym), we will create a work plan that is adapted to each customer. This plan will indicate the steps to follow to attain the optimal and required level of web accessibility in keeping with our customer’s needs, rationally distributing effort and prioritising the remediation of the most significant digital barriers first. 

Accessibility Certification: This certification is issued when the website meets all requirements of WCAG 2.2 Level AA conformance.

Without a doubt, these robust 360 website accessibility services cover all fronts when it comes to guaranteeing the level of web accessibility required by the various standards.

This is how inSuit works, eliminating all digital barriers that could limit people with disabilities or the elderly.

inSuit’s 360 web accessibility services vs. other options

inSuit 360 is a global solution packaged into a single service that encompasses functionalities, technologies, and services that are impossible to find in other general accessibility options such as widgets or automatic scanners.

COMPARISON of insuit 360 services with other services.

Other widgets or plugins which claim to offer web accessibility are usually limited to two functionalities:

Automatic scanners are tools that automatically scan the website and/or detect some accessibility errors, but not all of them.

To perform a complete 100% review and detect all accessibility errors, an automatic scan must be complemented with a manual review performed by a team of digital accessibility experts, such as our inSuit team.

Another option is to look for and hire various consultants, who, after an initial audit, can jointly cover the full range of services we offer, since the majority can only partially provide these services.

In addition, they tend to charge for their services on an hourly basis which means that to encompass all the services that inSuit 360° offers (if it were possible) you would need to pay much, much more. In the majority of cases, the proposed work or audit result would be to redo practically the entire website, and this would come at an exorbitant price, quite different from what we offer.

With inSuit 360 you’ll exceed standards compliance, offering real web accessibility for everyone

We invite you to join true web accessibility with inSuit and its 360 services. This option encompasses actions that translate into peace of mind, growth, standards compliance, accessibility, and social inclusion, and all of these without having to redo your website, and at a very competitive price.

With inSuit 360 you’ll exceed legal standards, providing everyone with a series of interfaces that allow for autonomous navigation, ensuring options for all disabilities.

Contact us and request a custom, 20-minute demo where we’ll show you what inSuit is about and answer all your questions. There is no obligation to purchase!