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Consum Supermarkets

Discover how, in less than four weeks, the Consum supermarket coop made their website accessible to everybody without making any major changes to its platform.

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Global Omnium

Discover how easy it was for Global Omnium to achieve an accessible website and virtual office in just four weeks.

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Torrent Town Council

Learn about the Torrent Town Council project and how it achieved an accessible web for its 80,000 citizens in just three weeks.

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Discover how was able to provide all of its web portals with the latest in web accessibility and usability features.

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Regional Government of Murcia

Learn about how the Regional Government of Murcia made its web portals accessible in less than four weeks.

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Pinto Town Council

Discover how the Pinto Town Council achieved an accessible web for its 51,000 citizens in just four weeks.

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“Thanks to the accessibility platform and the 360 services provided by inSuit, our city council’s website is completely accessible and up to date with regulatory compliance. We are proud to offer the citizens of Salamanca barrier-free access to all our content and services.”

Fernando J. Rodríguez Alonso
Salamanca City Council

“The digital accessibility that inSuit has brought to our tourism portal has contributed to Santa Pola being able to maintain level 3, which is the highest, within the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations.”

Ana Bermejo
Tourism Technician and DTI Manager, Santa Pola City Council

“In our experience, the inSuit technology is a powerful and innovative accessibility solution which is also reliable and robust.”

Regional Government of Murcia

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