diagram of the SIA with phases numbered 1 to 3

What is the SIA® (Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service)?

The Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service (SIA®) from inSuit is a modular solution designed to ensure complete digital accessibility on websites and mobile applications, allowing for compliance with current legal regulations, both nationally and internationally.

With SIA®, institutions and businesses can ensure that people with disabilities can access and effectively use digital content.

This service caters to both the public and private sectors, and is developed in three distinct phases:

Circular and cyclical diagram of the SIA, showing each of its three phases.

Phase 1: Initial Accessibility Consultation and Legal Alignment

In this phase, inSuit provides consulting, advisory, and manual audit services to evaluate the accessibility of the digital platform.

Detailed reports are prepared that highlight areas for improvement, and support is provided to resolve them.

Additionally, training and management of accessibility-related incidents are provided.

Special attention is also given to the compliance with the relevant legal regulations.

Phase 2: Continuous Improvement of Digital Accessibility

In this stage, a custom digital accessibility plan is developed to optimize the experience for users with disabilities.

A system of continuous monitoring is implemented to ensure long-term accessibility and to resolve detected errors.

Additionally, the inSuit Tools® Accessibility Platform is integrated, which provides the necessary tools on the website for each individual to navigate according to their needs and preferences. It also remedies the errors and accessibility issues detected on the website, thus improving the accessibility rating.

inSuit also provides technical training for the development and creation of accessible content.

Phase 3: AA Level Certification

The final phase of the Comprehensive Digital Accessibility Service includes consulting services, preliminary audits, and the attainment of the WCAG 2.2 AA level certification, which is valid for two years.

These processes ensure that the website or mobile application complies with internationally recognized accessibility standards, which reinforces user trust and demonstrates a commitment to inclusion.

Application of the Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service in the Public and Private Sectors

In the public sector, the SIA® assists institutions in complying with Royal Decree 1112/2018, by offering consultancy to align with legal requirements, the creation of the Accessibility Responsibility Unit (URA), and the generation of the Accessibility Review Report (IRA).

It also provides support in error resolution, the preparation of mandatory reports, and incident management.

Moreover, awareness and training actions are carried out to promote an accessibility culture.

In the private sector, the Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service provides initial consultancy, in-depth manual audits, and support to resolve errors.

A digital accessibility plan is also created and continuous monitoring is implemented, with technical training also being provided.

Additionally, templates and contents such as accessible PDFs and videos are generated, and automatic subtitle solutions for live and offline broadcasts are implemented.

A Comprehensive and Effective Solution to Ensure Web Accessibility and Compliance with Regulations

That’s how the SIA® offers a comprehensive and effective solution to ensure web accessibility, tackling everything from initial consultancy and legal alignment to continuous improvement and AA level certification.

This not only allows for compliance with legal requirements but also provides an inclusive and equitable experience to users.

The fact that this service can cater to both the public and private sectors makes it a versatile solution for various organizations.

Let’s remember how important it is not to underestimate digital accessibility, as it allows a larger number of people to independently access information, services, and opportunities online.

By implementing the SIA®, institutions and businesses show their commitment to inclusion and equal access for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning how the Comprehensive digital Accessibility Service (SIA®) from inSuit can benefit your institution or business, we invite you to contact us without any obligation.

Our team is ready to provide you with more information and help you implement a legally compliant, accessible solution.

Together, we can build an inclusive and accessible digital environment for everyone.