Screenshot of the social security website running with inSuit accessibility tool

Discover how inSuit made Spain’s Social Security website fully accessible

Spain’s Social Security website is now completely accessible! Thanks to inSuit, this important public service is now available to everyone.

As the agency itself explains on the website: “The Social Security System is a set of schemes through which the State guarantees adequate protection  the individuals included in its scope of application, either owing to their status as workers engaged in a professional activity or meeting the requirements for the non-contributory level, as well as their dependent family members or assimilated family members, suitable protection for the contingencies and situations defined by the law.”

Recall that this public system provides protection for individuals through a set of minimum benefits when necessary, such as the Minimum Vital Income Allowance. This either for actions related to their right to healthcare, unemployment, or retirement.

The agency now provides our inSuit web accessibility tool,  enabling people with disabilities to use the website, eliminating all existing barriers.

This means that the Social Security agency now responds to its users’ needs by offering a fully accessible service for their transactions under conditions of equality and equal access.

How does the inSuit tool ensure a more accessible Social Security website?

For the Social Security website to be accessible, users only need to activate the accessibility tool button.

Several options for technical aids are then displayed, each ensuring greater accessibility for the user, according to their needs.

As simply as that. That is how inSuit ensures accessibility for the different websites that use it.

Included in the set of accessibility options offered by inSuit, users will find:

These accessibility solutions are clearly beneficial, having a direct and positive impact on both users and public administration alike. Learn more about them below!

Benefits for those who use the accessible online office

In this day and age, it is of utmost importance to offer an accessible e-office that is capable of allowing everyone to carry out their required transactions remotely.

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The Social Security website features the following advantages:

Advantages of offering accessible procedures in e-offices

As with users, offering an e-office that is accessible will also bring about advantages that directly benefit Spain’s Social Security agency.

Among the advantages for this institution, the following can be highlighted:

That is how Social Security complies with the established regulations regarding web accessibility, by complying with the provisions of Royal Decree 1112/2018 and Law 11/2007, of 22 June, on the Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services.

Giving accessible electronic services the importance they require, with an aim to guaranteeing true social inclusion; as well as the provision of a network of services available to everyone.

Now you know! If you are interested in providing accessible online services, contact us! We will gladly help you to attain this goal, easily and simply.