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Greater conformance with the latest inSuit update!

The latest inSuit update is here! We are aware of the importance of meeting the various regulation requirements that foster a barrier-free Internet for all.

With our permanent goal in mind – to guarantee free access to information, services, and products by means of functional and accessible web navigation, we have focused on fully covering accessibility standards and regulations as required by law. Our aim is to create actions that will benefit our customers and users.

Proof positive of this is our inSuit 360 service. This service supports compliance with these new accessibility requirements thanks to its 360-degree service approach: a simple way to help align websites with Royal Decree 1112/2018 without losing sight of end users, who need to access the ocean of content and services found online.

That is why we will:

All of this at the best price and in the shortest time as possible!

We can help you fulfil these requirements without losing sight of the end user

We feel a great responsibility to provide effective solutions because this is how we can have a direct impact on the quality of life of people who have been excluded for too long. This is how we can make a real contribution to social and productive development.

Currently, inSuit is able to help more than 9 million users comprising the elderly, people with disabilities and people lacking sufficient digital skills, all in need of an updated tool.

More and more, people are seeing the benefits of our platform and this has resulted in their greater commitment and motivation. Every day, this encourages us to constantly update our tools with the utmost professionalism, innovation, quality, and dedication.

Today, it’s obvious that providing web accessibility solutions is an absolute necessity. That is why we work hard to be the web accessibility option par excellence; the one that will cover all legal requirements and ensure peace of mind for web content users and providers.

Learn more about inSuit’s latest update and its new features

This new inSuit update builds on previous conformance to web accessibility requirements, meeting even more regulatory provisions pertaining to web accessibility than that seen in the last version.


These are the aspects that have been updated in order to offer high-quality services in line with the vanguard of current web accessibility:

With these new updates we have been able to reinforce our suite, to consistently offer a web accessibility solution at the leading edge of technology, secure in the knowledge that you will be satisfying the greatest number of accessibility requirements, leading to improved productivity and an accessible Internet for all.

If you still do not have an accessible website or wish to improve the existing accessibility level of your web page, don’t hesitate to contact us. At inSuit we have the solution, and now, inSuit is even more up-to-date! Contact us, no obligation to purchase. Request a demo!