inSuit surpasses 9 million users in 2020

The number of accessible websites increased in a year marked by Covid-19: the pandemic has meant that many of the everyday tasks we perform can only be done over the Internet, owing to the social distancing recommended by the health authorities to prevent the spread of the virus.

And in this new scenario, inSuit has proven to be a significant player! That is why we would like to thank all of the organisations who have joined us in making a difference, in the provision of a significant array of accessible websites. This work is reflected in the fact that we have gone from 1.6 million users of the inSuit tool in 2019 to more than 9 million users in 2020.

This increase fills us with satisfaction in knowing that our powerful platform helps people access information, services, and products through interaction arising from the improved functionality of websites. This only strengthens our commitment  to work on a daily basis to ensure a barrier-free Internet that is accessible to everyone.

The overriding need for accessible websites

Having an accessible website has a direct impact on meeting the objectives of any public or private organisation with a website; this also has a positive impact on the quality of life of older persons and people with disabilities.

This is what happened in the case of SEPE (the Spanish State Employment Service), which, as an organisation, saw a significant increase in the number of visits to its website  at this critical time for its users, who, over the past year, have needed to carry out important transactions online, such as ERTES (temporary lay-off procedures), unemployment benefit applications, employment status consultations, etc. All of this in response to the difficult economic and social situation caused by the pandemic.


This has meant that many older users and users with disabilities have been able to access key information and services which in turn have a direct impact on their well-being and quality of life. This is a vitally important resource in this extremely difficult situation.

The use of accessible websites has clearly come to stay as they crucially support people who have previously been excluded from society and whose talents have been ignored for a very long time. In a very direct way, their situation demands free access to websites through the principle of web accessibility, with the understanding that this represents a marvellous opportunity for this community.

inSuit delivers in the face of an ever-growing demand for greater web accessibility

The coronavirus has prompted an increase of Internet users in Spain, reaching approximately 32.8 million active Internet users, according to the Spanish Statistical Institute (INE). Knowing this means that we should prepare ourselves to ride the wave of possibilities resulting from the digital transformation and the closing of the digital gap.

We are aware of the many benefits that could arise as a result of fostering greater inclusion and productivity of the disabled community. As their quality of life improves, they represent a significant opportunity for those interested in this global market, as this group consists of more than one billion people with a purchasing power of more than six billion dollars.

Web accessibility is an opportunity for everyone! Join us and transform the world with the possibilities afforded by web accessibility; remember that it is meaningful actions such that will contribute to sustainable economic and social development. Contact us and make the difference!