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The Valencian Association for Cerebral Palsy and inSuit continue to build a better future for children with cerebral palsy

As was announced at the end of 2018, inSuit is the technological supplier of the e-training platform for the European Project led by AVAPACE (Asociación Valenciana de Ayuda a la Parálisis Cerebral, or the Valencian Association for Cerebral Palsy), entitled “Cerebral Palsy – Early Intervention”

This past year we have continued to work side-by-side with project partners such as HURT (Croatian Association of Occupational Therapists), APCB (Association of Cerebral Palsy of Braga, Portugal), IL-CERCHIO (Social Cooperative of Italy), inSuit, EURLYAID (the European Association of Early Childhood Intervention, based in Luxembourg) and AVAPACE acting as project leader and coordinator.

As we explain on the project website, “Cerebral Palsy – Early Intervention” is a programme promoting the implementation of family-centred early intervention in cerebral palsy for:

The programme promotes the participation of adults with CP in the Informal Support Network for families of children with CP, to provide additional support to both families and professionals through direct sharing of experience among network members.

As technological supplier of the project, inSuit is providing support to all project phases. The analysis and definition of technological requirements were particularly important for this e-training platform as it is meant to support the entire training programme. This platform will incorporate inSuit technology to make this material accessible to all, regardless of their abilities and needs.