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How to make compliance with WCAG 2.0 even more powerful through the addition of technical aids

If you wish to design a website for people with disabilities, then meeting WCAG 2.0 is essential. Yet is this all you need if you wish to meet the needs of people with disabilities today?

What does WCAG 2.0 offer?

Defined by W3C, the WCAG guidelines provide a set of criteria to ensure website accessibility for people with disabilities, but it does not define the technical aids that can be used for making accessibility effective, i.e. enabling the user is able to browse the page.

The user is therefore expected to provide his/her own technical aids, e.g. a screen reader or software that performs a scan of a page and is used with a button in order to take advantage of a website’s accessibility options. Evidently, compliance with WCAG 2.0 will help users because its goal is to improve the way these technical aids work.

But what if we provided the user with these technical aids?

In addition to meeting the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, we would be able to increase website accessibility for people with disabilities by offering users technical aids. This means that not only would we improve the code of the web page in keeping with WCAG 2.0, but we would also provide full website accessibility from the web page directly. And if we provide these technical aids from the cloud at no cost to the user and from any computer, we would also be greatly encouraging access to websites for persons with disabilities.

How can we improve compliance with WCAG 2.0 and provide the required technical aids?

A powerful accessibility tool such as inSuit offers a simple solution, as it transforms your website in real time, according to WCAG and WAI-ARIA criteria, continuously adapting to the content on your web page.  inSuit does not require installation, not do you need to change the page or the way you publish content. This tool offers many advantages to website owners and users, especially if the latter have a disability.

For more information, contact the inSuit team today. We would love to provide you with a personalised consultation!