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Easy reading as a path to web accessibility

inSuit’s new Easy Reading interface was implemented over the CERMI-CV website. This interface shows texts in Easy Reading format thanks to a new setting option on the inSuit bar.

With this new option, people who find it difficult to read owing to differences in intellectual capacity or language ability will be able to access an Easy Reading version of the web page to make its texts easier to understand, bringing this segment of the population closer to CERMI-CV.

Final testing for this project was carried out by the Aderes Association with the assistance of people with intellectual disabilities. Also known as the Asociación Deportiva, Rehabilitadora y Social (Sports Association for Rehabilitation and Social Support), this sports club served as the inspiration for Campeones (winner of the Spanish Goya Award for Best Film). Founded in 1992, this association seeks a better quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and their social integration as full citizens through sports.

This testing has allowed us to identify additional improvements in the new interface which have been incorporated in its product roadmap. The general conclusions resulting from this work indicated that the Easy Reading interface developed by inSuit was useful for people with severe and moderate reading difficulties. When combined with simple navigation using inSuit buttons and the page reading option, the interface was found to be rated useful by users as it made it easier for them to access and understand web page content.