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inSuit workshop for associations for people with disabilities

On 11 April of this year, in conjunction with the network association Red Proyecto Social and the CERMI CV (Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities of the Valencian Region), inSuit offered a workshop on how to use the web accessibility tools provided by the inSuit programme.

The workshop was held at one of the facilities provided by Valencia Activa and taught by the inSuit team. The aim of the session was to quickly teach citizens about the advantages of using the inSuit accessibility tools, showing them how it improves usability.

This is how we make further inroads into ensuring that everyone can navigate in a way that adapts to their needs, improving their personal and professional self-esteem and reinforcing their personal autonomy and independence.

With the inSuit web accessibility platform, we want to prevent that risk of social exclusion known as “digital divide” and to ensure the same advantages for anyone with a disability or of advanced age, reducing the distance that creates inequality in the use of new technology.

Click on the link below to listen to a radio interview at the Polytechnic University of Valencia about this workshop: radio interview link (to listen to the interview, fast forward to minute 28:00).

More information: link to news item on Red Proyecto Social.