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Get your company to meet its CSR commitments with the help of inSuit accessibility

The aim of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to raise awareness through a company’s actions in order to generate a positive economic, social, and environmental impact on its surroundings and community.

This also enables companies to voluntarily meet legal requirements, both internally and externally and, to do so in a responsible manner.

CSR has been growing in importance for some time now, but there are still many companies that do not take it seriously. To change this focus, we need to see Corporate Social Responsibility as being more than just a series of charitable actions.

Understanding that this concept includes actions that go much further. Acts that result in greater social, environmental, and economic impact favouring both the company and its environment.

And especially now when social and environmental problems require the effort of everyone in order to achieve the goals for the common good.

In this sense, inSuit becomes an extremely valuable tool for the private sector. Through web accessibility, a company will see its corporate social commitments strengthened by meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsTransforming barriers into means that are fully accessible to people with disabilities, providing them with services and information on the web.

inSuit is CSR within everyone’s reach

The first thing we need to understand is that both web accessibility and corporate social responsibility seek the same objective. Transforming environments from a win-win situation!

But how can inSuit’s web accessibility contribute to corporate responsibility?

Pareja de ancianos empresarios se miran sonriendo delante del ordenador mientras navegan utilizando accesibilidad web

Recall the importance of web accessibility in allowing free access to services, knowledge, and information for a larger group of people in vulnerable situations.

The benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility for companies

In this regard, inSuit is key to ensuring accessibility, as it eliminates any barriers on the web.

It directly helps companies come closer to social transformation through greater accessibility and CSR. This results in benefits worthy of mention for both companies and their environment.

Benefits such as:

If we add the fact that a website is a reflection of a company’s corporate image, the importance of inSuit is made plain in that it meets user needs, generates change, and provides greater exposure to culture, products, services, and resources.

The importance of web accessibility in the twenty-first century

Accessibility has a direct impact on quality, communication, and sustainability, which plays an extremely important role in corporate social responsibility models.

Providing accessible environments, services, and products will have a direct impact on the inclusion of people with disabilities in models of productivity.

This means that if accessibility is not ensured, we would be failing our commitment to equality and equal opportunity for everyone, and our commitment to social responsibility in turn.

Hence the need for an accessible website, as it will help companies adapt to and guarantee solutions to existing social needs.

This would open up a world of opportunities on the Web, offering the same services and products for everyone, regardless of their condition.

In this sense, we strongly reassert inSuit’s role in a socially responsible company interested in contributing to digital transformation while guaranteeing the right to universal access.

Make your web accessible today! Join the Corporate Social Responsibility movement. Always keep in mind that web accessibility is an essential part in social, sustainable, and economic development. Contact us and get involved socially!