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inSuit, recognised by Las Naves for its project applying Easy Reading to the Web

The second annual innovative ideas competition organised by the Laboratorio de Accesibilidad Tecnológica de las Naves, (Las Naves Technological Accessibility Laboratory) has recognised inSuit for its “Acceso a la Web con Lectura Fácil”(Accessing the Web using Easy Reading).

The objective of this work was to launch a pilot project that would facilitate reading comprehension of web pages for people who are cognitively impaired, immigrants or the elderly.

Today, 30% of the population faces difficulties of this kind, and with this project inSuit will facilitate reading and comprehension, adapting web content to make it easier to understand for people with intellectual disabilities, and therefore ensuring Cognitive Accessibility for any web page.

Las Naves is Valencia’s new centre for innovation, a public body under the jurisdiction of the Valencia City Council which promotes innovation with a clear commitment to people,placing them at the centre of the innovative projects.

More information on the awards ceremony announcementand in this news article from La Vanguardia newspaper.