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With its accessible website, EMAC Group sets the bar for CSR thanks to inSuit

The EMAC Group takes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to another level and joins the web accessibility movement with inSuit.

EMAC is a well-recognised multinational group of companies boasting national and international presence. It offers solutions for many types of products and materials used in construction.

Its range of products and services covers decorative and technical products, accessibility solutions, technical mats, expansion joints, and universal safety products. Their solutions are also backed by a team of experts who can offer technical advice, BIM models, and augmented reality tools (EMAC® App).

All of this has a positive impact on the development of the projects entrusted to them, as the execution of such projects involves group architects, technicians, designers, and construction managers.

A commitment to CSR based on inSuit web accessibility

In keeping with its CSR commitment, the EMAC Group has strengthened such actions by implementing inSuit, the technological tool that eliminates any online barriers for those wishing to access information and services.

In so doing, it guarantees greater access to its range of solutions for more people (especially the most vulnerable).

This accessibility option has earned the group exemplary status, strengthening it as a solid, value-based brand,allowing them to continue the Group’s development and expansion for a greater global impact.

This exemplifies one of its strongest values, that of continuous improvement, once again applying actions to bring about progress both inside and outside the company.

The EMAC Group and the benefits of having inSuit on its website  

The main benefit offered by the EMAC Group’s accessible website is full, barrier-free access to information for everyone.

Web accessibility therefore represents a key factor in ensuring efficiency and transparency in its channels of communication.

How does it do this? By offering a website that offers the following accessibility solutions:

Other actions supporting social inclusion

As mentioned above, EMAC Group’s values are embedded in each of its business models. Its commitment to progress and development has prompted the Group’s involvement in different social projects.

Projects ranging from the support of organisations working in the health sector, education, those promoting healthy habits, sports and, not least, social inclusion.

And it is here, where offering inSuit’s web accessibility suite takes on even greater relevance. As this has a cross-cutting effect that also impacts key projects that increase opportunities and improve quality of life through greater inclusion.


Centro Ocupacional de Quart de Poblet (Quart de Poblet Occupation Centre)

It contributes to training opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities who are part of this centre, and works to promote teamwork, concentration, effort, and trust, thus improving self-esteem.

Fundación ONCE

It drives and promotes the use of solutions that bring universal accessibility and safety to facilities of all kinds, promoting the right to free movement for all people.

Fundación Proyecto Vivir

This initiative supports people living at this centre, helping them to meet their basic needs. This covers areas including hygiene, health, food, and education.

APIVAL Integración Laboral S.L.

It collaborates in a meaningful way by providing resources for the execution of projects promoting the social insertion and integration in the labour market of people with disabilities.


It helps by ensuring the fundamental right to a better quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Asociación Valenciana de Caridad (Charity Association of Valencia)

This association supports people with limited resources, meeting their basic and psychological needs, and thus contributing to social integration.

This represents a world of synergies, a world in which inSuit also contributes, by helping companies become more socially responsible, ensuring universal accessibility, and stimulating digital and social transformation.

Remember to always keep accessibility in mind. Contact us and become an agent of change hand in hand with inSuit!