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What is a Smart Tourism Destination and why is web accessibility so important to it?

Smart Tourism Destination (STD) also contribute to development! The technological sector, along with the tourism sector, are part of a global industry marked by constant change and fierce competition, offering a world of possibilities as regards development.

In terms of supply and demand, these sectors tend to be quite dynamic; in an effort to satisfy the needs of the active community (local citizens and Tourisms) involved in these sectors, we want to seek out new propositions in order to stimulate development and productivity.

Today, the tourism sector relies on the tools offered by information technology, as they enhance consumer experience from all perspectives.

This represents many opportunities to plan, organise, manage, and interact with a myriad of actors who will ultimately reap the benefits throughout the supply chain   giving way to the creation of a Smart Tourism Destination.

What is a Smart Tourism Destination and why is it important?

The Proyecto Destino Turístico Inteligente (Smart Tourism Destination Project)  is an initiative arising from Plan Nacional e Integral de Turismo 2012-2015 (Spanish Comprehensive Tourism Plan 2012-2015) , which seeks to generate key mechanisms that encourage destination development, guaranteeing visitor interaction and integration with their surroundings. This in turn improves the quality of their experience and the quality of life of its residents.

This action stems from Tourism behaviour, which has experienced changes thanks to the influence of new technology in the sector. Faced with these changes, Tourism destinations have had to adapt to a new reality, playing a fundamental role when it comes to ensuring interaction between visitors and the given destination.


This transformation of Tourism destinations brings about a series of benefits ranging from:

In other words, if we are able to implement certain actions that have a direct impact on safety, technology, healthcare, communication, transport, accommodation, accessibility, environment, etc., not only will Tourisms reap the rewards as visitors to the area, but the benefits will be felt by the local community as well.

inSuit, accessibility and its importance in a Smart Tourism Destination

Here at inSuit we have always upheld the principle of universal accessibility. For us, there are certain characteristics that environments, services, products, and goods must have in order to enable people to access, use, comprehend, and enjoy them freely, comfortably, and efficiently.

From an accessibility-centred perspective, we need to recognise just how exceptional this opportunity is, for both the tourism sector and the vulnerable groups which could directly benefit from this approach. Groups such as seniors, who represent some 697 million individuals as well as people with disabilities, amounting more than 1 billion people worldwide.

Having access to information and services through new technology means that these individuals will be able to choose Tourism destinations where they will truly feel comfortable.A key point in the way we rate the quality of the places we visit and what they have to offer.

In addition, by guaranteeing access to products and services both public and private, we can also ensure sustained productivity for the city and  in order to provide for its own citizens as well as visitors.

This constitutes an added bonus which benefits economic development, something that becomes possible when we are able to meet the needs of elderly Tourisms or those with disabilities as these visitors often travel with others, thereby increasing consumer spending and its accompanying positive impact on the destination.

inSuit – a solution supported by Smart Tourism Destinations

Based on this understanding, we can see that web accessibility offered by inSuit favours this model of tourism so that it can have a positive impact on visitors and all the actors involved.

Once again, we see just how important it is to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities and the use of the Internet by everyone, a fundamental part of the process of social transformation.

That is why the  Red de Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes (Network of Smart Tourism Destinations) has included inSuit in its list of recommended solutions which promote the reappraisal of Tourism destinations through greater accessibility, innovation, and technology which stimulate production, development, and social inclusion.

Remember that you too can contribute to Smart Tourism Destinations through web accessibility. To enable this, your website must have certain resources that will allow users to adapt to and access the content they want. Join us!

If you haven’t yet brought web accessibility to your website, inSuit will provide you with a solution that will make it 100% accessible.  Request a demo now!