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People with disabilities – an untapped market niche

When referring to people with disabilities, we must understand that they represent a community of approximately 1 billion people around the world . To this group we should add 697 million elderly individuals, who often require the same assistance to ensure their optimal participation in society, improving not only their quality of life, but also their productivity.

The first thing we need to consider is that both the elderly and individuals with disabilities are people who have the right to live on equal terms with the rest of society.

Today, this sector continues to be overlooked. This has a negative impact on them, but also for society at large.

Why are people with disabilities a potential market niche?

People with disabilities can still be active members of society, but this benefits more than just their personal and professional development.

Their inclusion also activates an important market niche that can be fulfilled by many different brands on the market today.

In particular, it is this community, empowered by the promotion and protection of their rights, which has become an interesting segment to explore.

Over time, this group has come to play an increasingly greater role in society, actively sharing their emotions, feelings, attitudes, and behaviours, as we all do.

An example of this is the way they have been welcomed by the tourism sector, which has increasingly come to understand that they represent a key group for this sector’s development.

Inclusive tourism and how it contributes to productivity

Making a greater number of services accessible has a direct impact on creating a more positive economy. This can clearly be seen in the tourism sector, where just a few minor changes can benefit a group of people with disabilities who are eager to travel.

Disabled couple in wheelchairs are holding hands and with arms up in the air enjoying themselves in the forest near the lake.

Numerous studies have shown that this group spends around 30% more than the conventional sector. To this we should add that many members of this community always travel with relatives or assistants, and sometimes even twice a year.

Unfortunately, this niche has not yet been fully met, as there are still many barriers that prevent accessible tourism. This has a negative impact not only on people with disabilities, but also on the market, as direct benefits for both groups fail to materialize.

First, this shortcoming limits the recreational and leisure  opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and second, the market sees less economic activity in this regard.

As a result, inclusive tourism is a niche market that we should fully explore, especially in the post-pandemic era.

In this case, the companies that are first to take the lead will have the greatest competitive advantage and will thereby be able to take full advantage of the situation.

People with disabilities and accessible tourism in Spain

It is no secret that Spain is one of the main tourist destinations in the world; it is a latent market representing an enormous opportunity for greater economic productivity. This, coupled with the fact that there are around 3.8 million people with disabilities in the country, gives us an understanding of the enormous significance of this market niche.

For businesses, this obviously represents a great opportunity to break barriers, making a greater contribution to the process of social inclusion of people with disabilities.

That is why we must do all that we can to convince businesses to become more accessible. While the goal is social transformation, they too, will reap its rewards. This population has the disposable income and the desired level of loyalty that most brands dream of.

All of these factors taken together indicate that people with disabilities are a potential market niche, hidden and untapped.

By taking a closer look at this sector, we will see how it can provide us with guaranteed business streams through the application of various business models. Provided of course that businesses are able to offer a comprehensive set of services that ensure these individuals are able to freely enjoy what they have to offer, without barriers.

It is therefore essential that we view accessibility as a way to promote the quality of services offered by the market.

At the same time we need to see people with disabilities as potential customers who must be provided with services of the highest quality.

Now, for a destination to be truly inclusive, accessibility for people with disabilities must be guaranteed throughout the tourism chain. And in this regard, it is of paramount interest to ensure they have the required information technology and web accessibility, both of which play an extremely important role.

Web accessibility contributes to the enjoyment and growth of an accessible market

Because it ensures web accessibility, inSuit adds value to the market and to the business models within it.

And this has a direct impact on the access to information and services by customers. And this is a critical factorwhen deciding whether to acquire a product or service.

At inSuit, we are proud of the contribution we make to economic growth and quality of life sought by people with disabilities every day.

Providing a tool that adapts to users and gives them access to the content that interests them the most.

So now you know! If your website is not fully accessible, contact us and we will gladly make it 100% accessible. Request a demo now!