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inSuit participates in the International Meeting on Technology and Social Responsibility 2015

On 12 and 13 March inSuit took part in the panel discussion entitled “Tecnología Social para la Vida” (Social Technology for Life), at the International Meeting on Technology and Social Responsibility 2015 (ERST’15). Organized by the Fundación Tecnología Social, this meeting took place at the ETSIST School of Telecommunications of the Technical University of Madrid, welcoming leading companies in the field of social technology such as Samsung, Doro,the manufacturer of telecom products for seniors, and Whatscine, the maker of accessible cinema systems.

Internet is fast becoming an important part of the way we interact with other people, businesses and government. In other words, an important part of our way of life.

In this panel discussion participants explored how technology, when designed with people in mind, can have an enormous, positive impact on their self-fulfilment and well-being. When this is achieved in the case of inSuit, it allows users with disabilities and seniors to use the Internet, helping them develop this facet of their lives.

As part of a demo, the inSuit product introduced itself to the audience, which included blind people. Attendees heard the following introductory text from the inSuit blog which was read aloud by the tool:

“Hello, my name is inSuit and I am here to help everyone access content and services found on websites. I offer an intelligent interface which adapts to the needs of users. For example, I am able to read the content found on websites, and the options they offer to users, allowing them to navigate using voice-control commands. I can also do this via the keyboard or any sound, sip or puff.

This makes these websites more accessible and usable, maintaining the “one website for all” paradigm and assisting website owners in complying with some of the guidelines of the W3C in the area of accessibility.

I provide this technical assistance from the cloud, without the need for complicated installations: there is no need to modify the website, and the content of the website is conveyed to users as it appears.

And did I also mention that I am free of charge to Internet users?

I am here to serve users, government and businesses, helping to make this digital world more accessible and usable.

And I can just feel that I will be needed more and more in the years to come… Thank you for your time!

inSuit was also running at the product stand located in the exhibitor hall, where visitors were able to see demos of the product and experience inSuit’s improved navigation for themselves.

More information about the event here.