Starting to use inSuit is now even easier, thanks to its accessible navigation tutorial

inSuit now comes with a simple but comprehensive navigation tutorial, a guide for users to quickly familiarise themselves with the tool’s set-up and use. This tutorial is making it possible for more users to enjoy the tool more effectively and with a faster learning curve, a very significant improvement if we bear in mind the increase in the number of web pages which have activated this serviceand consequently the number of users who make use of the tool in order to navigate according to their needs and preferences.

The tutorial is activated by default the first time the user employs inSuit but can access it again by pressing the F7 key or through the product’s help menu.

The user is taken through the different options and the product’s most important features with a series of short and specific explanations.

The explanations are shown by way of text and images but they can also be read to the user by the product itself. The user is able to adjust the speed of the explanation to meet their particular needs.