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inSuit’s digital accessibility has surpassed 60 million users!

We are thrilled to announce that our digital accessibility platform now supports over 60 million users in navigating more than 1,200 websites through portals operated by our 200+ clients.

We understand that digital accessibility has become an increasingly pressing need worldwide, as millions of users with disabilities and older adults rely on technology to perform a wide range of daily activities and tasks.

inSuit Tools® has become one of the most widely used digital accessibility platforms in Spain, and is currently enjoying tremendous success in its international expansion efforts throughout EU, Latin America and Canada. By providing customized solutions for users with different needs, we are tackling the digital accessibility challenges head-on.

Over 60 million users are now navigating through inSuit on the more than 1,200 websites where it has been implemented, demonstrating that our digital accessibility platform is one of the leading options for removing barriers that older adults and people with disabilities may face while surfing the internet.

inSuit’s accessibility is made possible through a platform that provides users with multiple autonomous, accessible navigation interfaces tailored to each individual’s disability and/or needs. These interfaces aid the navigation and optimize website performance through a personalized accessibility rules engine, which is customized and adapted by a team of digital accessibility experts for each website.

What are the most commonly used accessible navigation interfaces in inSuit?

There are over 200 clients who currently trust inSuit Tools® as the digital accessibility platform that allows their users to access their web portals and navigate without any barriers.

The following inSuit Tools® interfaces are used most frequently (ordered from most to least frequent): optimized for screen readers and external aids, button navigation, keyboard navigation, navigation for reduced vision, simple text navigation, voice navigation, button navigation, and lastly, sound navigation.

All of them are of great importance in guaranteeing access to the web for each of the users regardless of their condition.

Satisfied clients and users who trust inSuit in Spain

Among the entities and companies that have the largest number of users navigating with inSuit, we can highlight the website of the Spanish Social Security.

A website of utmost importance to the State, as it is an entity that is responsible for ensuring that all people included in its scope of application, by carrying out a professional activity or by meeting the requirements of the non-contributory modality, as well as family members or those in charge, have adequate protection in the contingencies and situations defined by law.

In addition, the SEPE, the National Employment System, which aims to contribute to the development of employment policies, manage the unemployment protection system, and ensure information on the labour market.

Expansion of inSuit in Latin America and its banking sector

We are currently in a very successful internationalization process, expanding widely throughout Latin America. Thanks to inSuit, South America has become a pioneering region in digital accessibility for the banking sector, with prestigious clients such as RedLink, which offers accessible home banking through inSuit for its 30 associated banks.

Among the entities associated with RedLink, we find the Petersen Group, which has inSuit Tools® implemented in both the websites and the home banking of its four provincial banks: Banco Santa Cruz, Banco Santa Fe, Banco Entre Ríos, and Banco San Juan.

ICBC Argentina is another renowned banking entity that has joined inSuit to offer accessibility on its institutional website and its transactional sites, including its home banking.

But these are just a few of the many clients who have joined inSuit to make a difference by offering an important range of accessible websites, meeting the needs of the more than 60 million users who use our digital accessibility platform.

Digital Accessibility: A Right for Everyone

Considering that accessing information online can be a challenging task for many people, we believe that digital accessibility is not a luxury, but a right for all users.

This increase in users and clients further reinforces our commitment to maintaining and continuously improve the quality of service we offer through our digital platform.

We take very seriously the fact that we can be the gateway to the information, products, and services that exist on the web, becoming a functional solution that enables interaction and navigation for all, a necessity this digital and sustainable era.

Having accessible web pages directly impacts the fulfilment of the objectives of any public or private organization with active web pages or mobile applications, as well as improving the quality of life for older people and people with disabilities.

Why is inSuit Tools® the best option for a digital accessibility platform?

At inSuit, we continuously update our digital platform to improve the user experience and adapt to the changing needs of each user.

Moreover, these continuous updates allow private companies and public entities to always be aligned with national and international web accessibility regulations and W3C recommendations.

This keeps us at the forefront of the latest technologies in digital accessibility, allowing us to make a positive impact on millions of users worldwide.

Above all, we understand that digital accessibility is a right for everyone. Thus, we maintain a steady pace, leading the way towards a more accessible and inclusive online world.

If you haven’t joined web accessibility yet, do not hesitate to contact us. Without any obligation, we can schedule a meeting to show you our digital accessibility platform in action.