inSuit: associate member of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

inSuit: Associate Member of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

From inSuit-Everycode we are honored to have been named an Associate Member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the specialized agency of the United Nations with the mission of ensuring the development and proper functioning of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Our mandate as an associate member is to contribute to a series of recommendations made by experts in digital accessibility from the private sector, uniting efforts that, together with the contributions of the other associate, sector and country members, give way to the creation of a series of good practices to be adopted by countries seeking to close the digital divide.

What makes us associate members of the International Telecommunication Union?

Notably, our extensive journey in digital accessibility, years of experience and recognition at European and international level contributes to the impetus that is sought to be given to ICTs together with the representatives of the 193 Member States and more than 900 confirmed memberships by companies, universities, and international and regional organizations that make up the International Telecommunication Union.

This allows us to contribute to the great work carried out by the ITU-D (Development Sector) in driving digital transformation to harness the power of ICT; promoting, furthermore, international cooperation and solidarity in the provision of technical assistance and in the creation, development and improvement of telecommunications and ICT equipment and networks.

What is our goal in being part of ITU-D?

Let’s remember that ITU-D’s goal is to prioritize those most in need, from people living in the world’s least developed countries, to the most marginalized communities,thereby stimulating social and economic development.

We are proud to be part of a unique ecosystem that connects governments, industry, academia, regional and international organizations together with UN agencies through an international forum, which serves to share knowledge and experiences that facilitate information focused on ICT development and innovation, through multilateral associations that work towards an intelligent and inclusive society.

Success story on the transposition of the European Accessibility Directive to RD 1112/2018

We believe that digital accessibility is a matter of conviction, that’s why we keep our focus working on our next contribution where we will present the success story of the transposition of the European Accessibility Directive (EU) 2016/2102 to the Royal Decree 1112/2018 from Spain.Join the inSuit AA web accessibility certification and give your digital products the prestige, guarantee and credibility it deserves.