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Healthier ageing with inSuit and the Andalusian School of Public Healthcare

inSuit is participating in the “En Buena Edad” (In Good Health) project of the Andalusian Regional Government, whose objective is healthier ageing through the promotion of a more active lifestyle.

According to the World Health Organization, active ageing is a process that enhances opportunities for health, participation and safety that can help to improve the quality of life as people age.  The main goal of the project is to create a model web environment for the promotion of active and healthy ageing.

The project’s web platform is a central element that provides information, tools and advice, a channel for communication for users, as well as being a repository of scientific evidence and best practices. It is also a place where professionals and seniors can consult activities on offer.

inSuit is contributing all of its on-premises web accessibility technology to assist and facilitate access to this powerful initiative for people with disabilities and improve access and usability for older people as well.

Usability tests are being conducted to adjust and improve inSuit accessibility technology to suit the various profiles of people with functional diversity within the framework of this project. We are also developing a new interface called “Interfaz Senior” (Interface for Seniors) that will help older people navigate through the content of the project website in a manner that is more accessible and usable.