laptop displays on its screen the logos of insuit, cnis, jump startup and cdti centro para el desarrollo tecnológico industrial

inSuit in top form with more projects, events, and programmes

As previously announced on our blog, inSuit was awarded the European programme Scale Up business growth prize in recognition of its valuable contribution and consequently the enormous growth potential of the platform for the investment community.

Selected to participate in the Jump Startup programme and better R&D thanks to CDTI

Thanks to this award, inSuit was selected to participate in the programme Jump Startup giving it access to the U.S. market, as explained in detail in this article. Participation in this programme has allowed us to explore the requirements, approach, and steps required to access this huge market, and we will continue to push forward in this regard as soon as the world situation allows. It is a very interesting and enriching experience which will surely serve as a powerful point of departure when the time comes.

Meanwhile, we will continue to work on the R&D project funded by the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial/Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) entitled “inSuit Automático: Machine Learning aplicado a la accesibilidad web” (Automated inSuit: Machine Learning applied to web accessibility); this project was signed with CDTI in January of this year. We have finalised execution of the first milestone and thanks to the work carried out we are learning how to apply artificial intelligence to improve web accessibility more automatically, reducing the costs associated with implementation, operation, and maintenance and above all generally improving the quality of product implementations.

inSuit at the CNS 2020 Conference

In parallel to all this we have continued to be active in disseminating the importance of web accessibility, participating for example in the Congreso Nacional de Innovación y Servicios Públicos (National Innovation and Public Services Conference) (CNIS), where we offered a talk on web accessibility which was well-received; we also participated in an interesting interview on the topic.