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inSuit and Red Link: A Crucial Alliance for Inclusion and Web Accessibility in Argentine Banking

What do we know about web accessibility in Argentine banking? Digital inclusion is imperative in today’s society, and its importance is magnified when it comes to access to financial services.

In this context, the strategic alliance between inSuit and the home banking network of Red Link, a leading company in technological solutions for financial entities in Argentina, stands out as a crucial milestone for web accessibility in the sector.

Technological evolution has transformed the way we interact with the world, but it has also posed significant challenges, especially for older adults and people with disabilities.

These challenges have made digital exclusion a reality that affects many, limiting the participation of this important group of people in basic services, excluding them from society, the economy, and the constantly evolving financial system.

Compliance with Web Accessibility Requirements in Argentine Banking with inSuit Tools®

Red Link is recognized for providing innovative and secure technological solutions to national, provincial, and private banks, making it a key technological partner for each of its clients.

Following the Communication “A” 7517/2022 of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), which states that all financial entities in the country must comply with specific digital accessibility requirements, it has placed its trust in inSuit’s ability to implement the inSuit Tools® accessibility platform in each bank connected to its home banking network.

This means that the 26 banks that are part of this network benefit from digital accessibility solutions, marking a significant milestone in inclusion and compliance with current regulations, such as:

Communication A 7249 point 2.2.2

“…Internet banking (‘home banking’) and mobile banking services must include–as appropriate– options that allow these people to operate such systems without the assistance of others.”

Communication A 7517

“1. Establish that financial entities must:

i) Have a text-to-speech player in ‘home banking’ and mobile banking to allow proper reading of their content, when operating with these channels.

ii) Arrange the means so that the communications, notices, and/or advertisements they make –by themselves or through third parties– containing images also have the alternative descriptive text referred to such image through a text-to-speech player.

iii) Observe the relevant provisions of Disposition No. 6/19 of the National Office of Information Technology and its supplements -Annexes I and II- regarding Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content 2.0 and the ‘Conformity Criteria’, to the effect that Internet pages –including ‘home banking’– facilitate accessibility for users with disabilities.”

Thus, with our inSuit Tools® accessibility platform, we provide various interfaces and technical aids that guarantee compliance with these regulations, aligned with WCAG 2.1 and following the recommendations of Communication A 7249.

Digital Accessibility, Cybersecurity, and CSR with inSuit

inSuit Tools® allows people with disabilities to perform banking operations autonomously, without the need for external assistance and free of charge for the end user.

But also, it brings enormous benefit to the entities that implement it, since it not only allows their digital banking platforms to have an advanced level of accessibility but also enables them to meet the rigorous demands of cybersecurity, backed by ISO 27001 certifications and global standards such as the WAI / W3C.

Thus, a company of vital importance like Red Link, has felt the security and confidence to take the initiative to integrate inSuit Tools® into its home banking network, demonstrating a tangible commitment to social inclusion and accessibility.

In doing so, not only meeting legal and security requirements but also positioning the associated banks as examples of Corporate Social Responsibility.

inSuit and its Commitment to Web Accessibility in Argentine Banking

A commitment that can be strengthened through inSuit 360® services and our Comprehensive Digital Accessibility Service (SIA®), which go beyond regulatory compliance and provide sustained web accessibility over time.

As part of the SIA®, we offer the possibility of obtaining the inSuit AA Web Accessibility Certification, validating the social commitment of any financial entity and positioning it as a benchmark in promoting a barrier-free web.

Thus, the association between inSuit and Red Link represents a significant step towards digital inclusion in Argentine banking and compliance with accessibility regulations, further strengthening confidence in inSuit’s digital accessibility solution, consolidating us as leaders in a market that values equity and accessibility for all.

If you are an Argentine financial entity (or from any other country) wondering if you currently meet national or international digital accessibility regulations, we can help you without obligation!

If you are interested in having your institution or company offer its digital contents and services in an accessible manner and aligned with national and international legal accessibility regulations, securely and increasing its social responsibility, request a personalized 20-minute demonstration where we will show you what the inSuit Tools® accessibility platform consists of and answer all your questions.