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Renewing the agreement with APCA and the Fundación Reina Sofia

inSuit renews its collaborative agreement with the Fundación Reina Sofia and the Asociación de Paralíticos Cerebrales de Alicante.

The Fundación Reina Sofia, consistent with its commitment to helping and developing the needs of all citizens and their full integration in society, has renewed its agreement with inSuit, keeping its website accessible for people with disabilities and the elderly.

The objectives of the Fundación Reina Sofia are to promote, help and develop the needs, both physical and spiritual, of all kinds of men and women and their full integration into society, stimulating and defending the legitimate rights and aspirations of citizens. The incorporation of inSuit in the foundation’s website contributes to this objective, as it ensures that the website is accessible and usable to everyone, regardless of their needs and preferences.

The Asociación de Paralíticos Cerebrales de Alicante (APCA) (Cerebral Palsy Association of Alicante) has also renewed its agreement with inSuit. APCA is a not-for-profit organisation, its aim being to improve the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities, through a comprehensive and specialised service.

This decision to renew demonstrates the association’s trust in the advantages the inSuit tool brings to those with disabilities and the elderly, guaranteeing their access to web services and content just like everyone else.