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Municipal governments + inSuit = standards + people + transparency

When considering the design of suitable websites and ensuring they are correctly maintained, municipal governments face two major challenges:

With regard to the second point, it is worth highlighting the work of municipal governments in attaining greater transparency, voluntarily offering information that should be accessible to all citizens.

A tool such as inSuit, which offers accessibility and usability from the cloud, is of great assistance in this regard. This easy-to-use and flexible tool will help municipalities face these challenges at a cost that is minimal when compared to the value obtained by the city and its citizens.

First, inSuit helps them attain compliance with WAI-AA for criteria that can be implemented automatically. This serves to increase ratings given by analytic tools such as Examinator, by up to 3 points. This means, for example, that a website offered by a local council which originally earned a rating of 4.5 / 10 with this test would now be able to offer a website with a rating of up to 7.5/10 without having to resort to costly redesigns or maintenance, offering a more citizen-friendly webpage that is more usable for everybody, all the time.

Secondly, with the assistance provided by inSuit via the cloud – services that are under constant development with the latest improvements in the field of accessibility and usability – citizens are able to navigate in such a way that adapts to their needs and preferences in the following ways:

And all of this is also applicable to videos on the web, audio, PDF documents, forms and other formats.

More information on: www.insuit.net/benefits