young man with down syndrome uses laptop computer

Meet and exceed accessibility standards with inSuit

Considering people’s needs in order to exceed web accessibility regulations is the essence of inSuit. We’ll tell you why.

Meeting existing regulations set forth by Royal Decree 1112/2018, as well as the different accessibility guidelines established by WCAG 2.1, is key to eliminating most of the barriers existing on the web.

But making it easier for people with disabilities to access the web through the interfaces included in inSuit and technical aids supporting navigation, also represents a great added value.

Accessibility regulations seek the optimization of website code and content by following the accessibility guidelines and do not consider the use of assistive technologies that support navigation. The result is that users with disabilities must also own these aids in order to navigate, and these are not exactly cheap.

Now, what do we mean by assistive technologies and why are they so important?

Assistive technologies and their importance in web accessibility

Assistive technologies are technologies that meet the needs of users with disabilities by adapting to their abilities.

To make this possible, technological solutions have been developed which eliminate any barriers that may arise when interacting with the information found on the web. This allows users to navigate independently and access services and information available on the websites they visit.

person with a motor disability interacts with a computer thanks to navigation support tools

There are different assistive technologies that allow users to obtain information and communicate easily and independently. Some of these are:

inSuit goes beyond web accessibility standards

What sets inSuit apart is that it offers a number of assistive technologies to users. To do this, inSuit adjusts to user needs through different interfaces, which focus on the different types of disabilities.

These interfaces enable the interaction between people with disabilities and the digital devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) they use to navigate the web,adapting to the various settings established by users. The solution allows users to configure their interfaces as needed.

person using an assistive navigation device for people with disabilities

Of the assistive technologies offered by the inSuit accessibility tool, the following stand out:

With its navigation interfaces, inSuit provides a free alternative to assistive technologies.

inSuit provides navigation aids free of charge to users

Users do not need to pay for these tools, as they are free of charge. The cost is borne by the website where the tool is installed.

These options not only help to meet accessibility regulations, but also provide people with disabilities with a more comprehensive solution that is considerably more economical.

A great advantage! Because this means that people with disabilities will not require the big budget usually needed to purchase the latest assistive technology devices. These generally tend to be expensive owing to lower demand, as each device has been created with only one disability in mind.

With inSuit’s added functionalities, we expand the array of options available on the web accessibility platform so that people with disabilities can freely access the immense universe of content available on the Internet.

It also fosters accessibility compliance through inSuit’s 360-degree services, which help to meet accessibility requirements and regulations in a practical and simple way.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us with no obligation to purchase! Bridge the digital divide using the web accessibility tool offered by inSuit.