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Fundación Tecnología Social (Foundation for Socially Beneficial Technology) and inSuit: towards technology that is more accessible

inSuit and theFundación Tecnología Social (FUNTESO) have signed a collaborative agreement that aims to promote products and services that improve accessibility through technology, and to also seek out common projects in fields shared by both organisations.

FUNTESO was founded in April 2008 and in this last decade it has followed the principles of universal design and open-mindedness in the design and creation of technology, striving to make life easier for people through ICT (Information and Communications Technology). Its objectives:

A very clear alignment of the objectives of FUNTESO and inSuit has brought about this very interesting collaboration, which has led FUNTESO to incorporate inSuit into its web page, actively collaborate with the platform, provide feedback from users and experts and promote the importance of web accessibility as leverage to achieving full technological accessibility.