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Consum Supermarkets

Discover how, in less than 4 weeks, the Consum supermarket coop made their website accessible to everybody without making any major changes to its platform

To make the Consum website more accessible to everybody. This was fully aligned with its social values, given that it is a worker’s cooperative.

Making their website accessible to persons with disabilities was one of its priorities, but Consum had already made a significant investment in its web platform and was looking for a way of making its existing platform accessible to everyone, without having to re-build it from scratch.

Thanks to the inSuit solution:

 Consum’s website became fully accessible in less than 4 weeks, quickly and easily.

 The solution was aligned with its brand image.

 Thousands of users with disabilities or who show other difficulties make use of inSuit
every month to browse the Consum platform.


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