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How does it work?

inSuit provides web accessibility and usability. Simply.

inSuit is a support product that adds a layer of semantic information to websites. This information is customised by experts in accessibility and usability.

inSuit will:

All this without altering your website; from any computer and free of charge for the user.

A solution for every need

Because it’s cloud-based, inSuit evolves continuously. It allows users to instantly enjoy the latest enhancements in the field of web usability and accessibility, in the form of various technical aids.

inSuit currently offers the following technical aids:

inSuit Aloud

Website content and available options are read to the user, giving them access to content and helping them navigate through the website without needing to see the screen.

inSuit Sound

Navigation through the website is made possible via non-speech sounds, without the need for input via keyboard, mouse or spoken commands.

inSuit Visual

Optimized navigation for persons with reduced vision, which provides clean texts and allows users to adjust font size and select contrast and colour settings.

inSuit Voice

This function allows the user to navigate using simple spoken commands, without using the keyboard or mouse.

inSuit Keys

Here users can navigate using the keyboard without the mouse.

inSuit vButtons

Simplified navigation with highlighted buttons and other items that help focus the user's attention, simplifying and aiding navigation.

inSuit ExtAid

The user can use their own navigation aid alongside inSuit's powerful accessibility and usability enhancements.

Contact our team

Please note that your email address, along with any other personal information you submit to us now and in the future will be added to a file owned by inSuit, for the company's administrative purposes. In accordance with the provisions of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, regulating Personal Data Protection, you have the right to access, modify, cancel and, where appropriate, oppose the use of your personal information by sending a written request by email, accompanied by a scanned copy of your photo I.D. to